E-rickshaw Battery

These batteries are specially designed as FUEL for the Electric Rickshaw for superior lasting capacity and value...


Automotive Battery

VERATEK automotive batteries are charged and ready to go. - if there's a vehicle that can travel on it, then there's likely an Veratek battery that...


Solar Battery

VERATEK Solar batteries are designed to offer reliable, low-maintenance power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required...


Inverter Battery

Veratek batteries are manufactured in accordance with accepted international standards. By utilizing a small amount of selenium in the grid alloy, a dense fine...


About Us

VERATEK , in the industry has been established with a centralized focus to develop and manufacture products for stored energy requirements in the Domestic Industrial Segments and Deliver Service to achieve the Absolute Customer Satisfaction. Veratek has a well-developed core team having rich expertise to research, develop deliver products of alternate Power requirement to suit each customized needs.


Our Company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity.

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Quality Policy

To Provide its customers state of the art innovative and high quality products and services with reasonable price

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Vision Statement

To revolutionised automotive batteries manufacturing process with efficient, eco-friendly and smart cutting egde technology.

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